What is the best house for a hurricane?

Round houses work best in hurricanes, by design. Unlike conventional construction, every aspect of a Deltec roundhouse is ingeniously designed to work as a system, making it the smartest home that can be built for areas with high winds. For homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas, hurricane shutters can be one of the wisest and most valuable investments they can make. Today, homebuilders often use metallic plastic or polycarbonate as the preferred option to deal with megastorms.

Fortunately, some insurance companies in certain states offer discounted rates to homeowners to offset the costs of hurricane shutters. During an emergency, homeowners may want to cover their windows with boards. However, this strategy is only feasible during evacuation. That's why innovations have been produced to make windows more wind resistant. In fact, hurricane-friendly windows can withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour, which is a Category 4 hurricane.

A house is only as strong as its materials are. Therefore, some recommend using plywood instead of oriented fiberboard (OSB) coatings. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, inspectors said plywood was a better material. Plywood has many advantages, such as being lighter and moisture resistant, which is important in a tropical storm or hurricane.

Plywood strengthens the house and prevents flying debris from damaging the structure. Supporting roof tiles, securing the garage door, covering windows with wind-resistant aluminum shutters, and pruning tree branches that stick out of the house can help fortify your home for hurricane season. If you want to build a house that can withstand a hurricane, your structure will have to be able to withstand very strong winds. You may qualify for homeowners insurance discounts if your home is designated as a “fortified home” from the IBHS.

The enormous damage caused by these and other hurricanes led many to consider building a hurricane-proof home.

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